ebook theparentingtoolkit1Have you ever wished it was possible to simply drive to the store and buy something that would make all your parenting problems disappear? Something that would stop the incessant squabbling, or the whining, or demands that drives you to distraction? Something that will help you become the parent you really want to be; calm, effective, loving, and fair? Imagine having special parenting tools designed just for these purposes. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Well, now you can. The Parenting Toolkit offers up an array of solutions (OK, not really at your neighbourhood store, but that’s the fun of it – they are imaginary tools that explain essential parenting principles) that every parent can put to good use.

This entertaining and informative book shows you step-by-step how to tackle the most difficult problems you’re likely to encounter: dawdling, fighting, fearfulness, irresponsibility, fussy eaters, and more. Filled with great ideas that will transform your family.

kobo buynow

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ptalkbook lookinsideStan Shapiro, Richard Skinulis & Karen Skinulis

This will become the most well-thumbed book on your shelves.

Designed as a quick reference guide to those “What do I do when...?” situations. Parent Talk is full of common sense advice, Do’s & Don'ts, checklists and valuable hints. Humorous, easy to read and full of great illustrations.

Price $26.50 Can/US

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pparentingbook lookinsideStan Shapiro & Karen Skinulis

Well-known authors Stanley Shapiro and Karen Skinulis’s easy to use book, Practical Parenting: A common sense guide to raising cooperative, self reliant and loving children was written as a concise, comprehensive guide for all the essential parenting skills needed to become a respectful, effective parent.

Beginning with an examination of what parents really want for their child, this book shows us how to get there. There are six essential parenting skills covered.

Today’s parents are looking for fresh ideas that fit with a more humanistic and democratic approach to child rearing, one based on developing mutual respect, cooperation, and high self-esteem. This change in parenting philosophy needs a brand new skillset to help parents find better techniques than punishments and rewards. This book shows you how and explains why. Its 220 pages provide a solid background in the theory and practice of proven parenting techniques. Full of easy to understand information and packed with illuminating scenerios that can help you create a.

Price $23.00 Can/U.S.

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ctw book

Stan Shapiro, Richard Skinulis & Karen Skinulis

Classrooms That Work is the result of over thirty years of work with teachers and principals on how to use a democratic approach to classroom discipline.

Price $24.00 Can/US

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pp studyguide

 Stan Shapiro, Richard Skinulis & Karen Skinulis

Designed as the companion piece for Practical Parenting, this comprehensive workbook allows you to derive the most from your workshop. Contains charts, useful exercises and take home assignments. It also allows you to conduct your own parenting workshops.

Price $17.00 Can/US

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