Raising Cooperative, Respectful Children
At one time or another, every parent has asked the question: "Why is my kid doing this?" This informative workshop helps parents answer this question. Learn how to recognize the goals of power and undue attention-seeking and acquire effective, positive strategies for redirecting them. Replace ineffective punishment and rewards with encouragement and logical consequences. This workshop is a must for every parent who wants to create a more harmonious family atmosphere.


Parenting Without Anger
All parents get angry, but if you feel that anger is having a negative impact on your family, this workshop is for you. In it you will learn: how to recognize and cope with anger triggers, as well as communication skills (the foundation of good family relationships) to solve problems and prevent conflict with your children. Other skills that bring families closer together found in this workshop include: conflict resolution; problem-solving techniques; and how to conduct regular family meetings.


Building Your Child's Self Esteem
Encouragement is more than saying: "You're a great kid." Learn how raise a confident, responsible child by establishing a foundation of high self esteem. This workshop looks at how to focus on your child’s strengths and resources, improvements, and effort, to give them the courage to try new things and survive their mistakes. It also looks at how to avoid discouraging your child through pampering, criticism and overly-high expectations.


Sibling Without Rivalry
Does this sound familiar? “Mom, Mike took my I-pad without asking again!” How about this: “Can we take the baby back now?” Sibling struggles like these can wear parents down. Learn what you can do to reduce the tattling, fighting and arguing. This workshop will look at some of the causes of sibling rivalry, as well as practical steps parents can take to create more harmonious sibling relationships.


Loving without Pampering
This generation is often tagged, “the entitled generation.” Overindulgence and pampering can negatively affect self-esteem and the desire to cooperate. Learn what the five forms of pampering are and how to replace them with approaches that will build feelings of self-worth, competence, and caring for others.

Parenting Teens
Meet the challenges of parenting your teen by learning these fundamental skills: Communication (how to talk so teens will listen and listen so teens will talk); the goals of uncooperative behaviour and how to maintain the balance between your teenager’s desire for independence and your desire to foster responsibility and good judgment.


Say Goodbye to Homework Hassles
Is the nightly hour of homework a negative experience for both you and your child? Not all homework problems are the same and each requires a tailored solution. Learn how to help your child handle this important responsibility and establish good study habits – vital tools for their future academic success.


Raising a Responsible Child
Do you have to nag and threaten just to get your child to take care of their responsibilities? Do you often end up doing their work for them? Whether it’s putting laundry away or completing school assignments, your child has to learn how to cope with life’s demands. This workshop zeros in on the steps you can take to help your kids manage their responsibilities without power struggles or doing it for them. 

Teacher Workshops are Available.
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“As a parent of two, I can’t say enough about Karen and how much her workshops have helped us! Karen is extremely knowledgeable, encouraging and a true parenting expert. She provided us with practical tools and strategies to help us become better and more confident parents. I highly recommend Karen’s workshops.”
– Shaila Karim, Education Program Specialist 


I feel compelled to write and thank the staff for organizing the Parenting Workshop: "Raising a Cooperative, Respectful Child.” Karen's workshop was full of insights and excellent content that we will apply to raising our child. We have visited Karen's website and certainly plan to buy Karen's book, Practical Parenting to supplement my notes from last night. For me attending the workshop last night was a very well spent 90 minutes. Thank you very much!
- Blair Walker


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