Perhaps you’ve taken a parenting workshop or read a book and learned lots of interesting ideas about raising your child, and it all sounds great, but you’re still not exactly sure how to apply it to your family. Or perhaps you’ve been trying to handle a problem with a newly learned strategy but it doesn’t seem to be working out the way you hoped. Or maybe you and your partner aren’t on the same page when it comes to handling your child’s behaviour.

Help is here.

Individual parenting consultations can help you deal with your parenting challenges in a more personalized, in-depth way. In a private and confidential one-on-one session, you will have an opportunity to zero in on your own specific concerns, questions, and problems with someone who can help you reach your parenting goals.

In Person or By Phone ~ Confidential & Empathetic.


karenKaren Skinulis has over twenty years of experience working with children, parents, and teachers. A certified Montessori teacher, parent educator and the mother of two grown daughters, she has a wealth of knowledge about parenting issues. Karen has spoken to thousands of parents over her career, advocating positive parenting approaches on a wide range of topics. Her primary areas of interest are helping children develop better self-esteem, improving communication between parents and children, and creating better cooperation in families. She is the co-author of three national bestsellers: Practical Parenting:A Common Sense Guide to Raising Cooperative, Self Reliant and Loving Children, Parent Talk: 50 Quick, Effective Solutions to the Most Common Parenting Challenges and Classrooms that Work: A Teachers Guide to Discipline Without Stress. Her new e-book, The Parenting Toolkit: Ten Extraordinary Inventions Guaranteed to Solve Real, Everyday Problems, is due for release fall 2013.

 “I know how important it is for you to keep your relationship with their child strong and create an atmosphere of cooperation and respect in your home. When this is achieved, stress in your family is reduced immeasurably.

My goal is threefold: first, to help you understand your child’s behaviour in a practical, way. This is an essential step in creating an appropriate plan of action for your family. To do this, we’ll examine the goal of your child’s behaviour and what payoffs they are getting. We’ll also look at problems within the context of your child’s place in the family, and how they are attempting to find their sense of belonging. Secondly, we’ll explore new and better ways of responding to your child’s behaviour -- strategies that are respectful of both you and your child and that set the stage for better cooperation. Your actions, what you say, the different options you have, are so essential in bringing about improvements. My third goal is to develop a long range plan to keep these positive changes in place. That means looking at the big picture, including focusing on the strengths and contributions of every member of the family. We’ll develop a plan for encouragement that will help your child maintain their cooperative efforts.

My philosophy is based on the teachings of Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs. These two distinguished psychiatrists laid the groundwork for humanistic, democratic parenting, and left behind a common-sense blueprint for parents to follow. Many noted parenting experts have gleaned their core ideas from their work.”

Are you looking for some in-depth help with a parenting problem?
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