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Stan Shapiro, Richard Skinulis & Karen Skinulis

Classrooms That Work is the result of over thirty years of work with teachers and principals on how to use a democratic approach to classroom discipline.

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Classrooms That Work is the result of over thirty years of work with teachers and principals on how to use a democratic approach to classroom discipline. We believe this approach is a perfect fit for where we are as a society and how we want to treat our students.


The positive tools, principles and theories used in this book include:

  • Working with group dynamics to unite the different personalities of your classroom.
  • Encouraging students to work in partnership with teachers to solve problems together and create a harmonious classroom environment.
  • Maintaining classroom order by replacing outmoded rewards and punishments with positive communications skills, classroom meetings, logical and natural consequences, and encouragement.
  • Dealing with the classroom in transition – moving from an autocratic to a democratic environment.

Some of the common class management issues dealt with in Classrooms That Work include:

  • Academic problems
  • Class disruptions
  • Inappropriate behavior
  • Defiance Withdrawal
  • Bullying Social problems
  • Low motivation

Chapters include:

  • The new classroom: Going democratic
  • Motivation from within
  • The encouraging teacher Understanding behavior
  • What’s wrong with punishment and rewards?
  • Consequences: Taking responsibility for your choices
  • Building rapport
  • What to do the first day
  • The class meeting
  • The problem student
  • Academic problems
  • Problem solving and conflict resolution
  • Communication skills Sociometry: The social relationship of the class

"Practical, hands-on, easy to read and put into practice. These strategies take the fight out of discipline and provide a calm workable approach"
- Stephen Massiah, Principal

"I learned how to implement a democratic classroom, to turn mistakes into learning opportunities, and to work with students' energies rather than against them."
- Geoff Green, Teacher

"This book fills an essential need in our schools today. It articulates a philosophy and a framework for good teaching practices that build on principles of democracy, equality, self-discipline and consideration of others. It is essential reading for all teachers and principals, and should be part of the new curriculum."
- Dr. Mark Handley-Derry, M.A., M.B.B.S., D.C.H., F.R.C.P. eC), M.R.C.P.C.H. Consultant Pediatrician, Specialist In Developmental Pediatrics And Behavioral Problems In Children.

"Classrooms that Work is filled with wonderful strategies and practical advice."
- Jack Cronin, Associate Director Of Education

"An important blend of philosophy and technique for developing socially responsible learners."
- Jack Schnoor, Professor Emeritus Social Services Worker Program

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