Parent Talk Lunch and Learn For Corporations and Other Organizations

As a result of over 20 years of leading parenting workshops, counseling families, and co-authoring three books for parents and teachers, we have seen first hand how child-rearing problems impact on working parents. We also know that many working parents can't find the time for parenting workshops in the evenings. That is why Parent Talk Lunch & Learn was created.

The following statistics show how family stress can carry over into working life.

• According to the Work and Family Task Force (The Saskatchewan Equal Opportunities Committee, C.U.P.E.), almost two-thirds of primary-care parents in Canada experience moderate to severe levels of tension trying to balance work and family.

• The U.S. Department of Labor found that 75% of employees with children under the age of 18 tended to family issues during  work hours.

• A Families and Work Institute survey found that 25% of employees with children under 12 had child care interruptions two to five times in a three month period, and these were linked to absenteeism, tardiness, lower concentration on the job, and less marital and parental satisfaction.

The simple fact is that an employee not distracted by family discipline problems will be more focused and productive at work. Parent Talk Lunch & Learns are designed to help reduce the day-to-day stresses employees with children face by enhancing their parenting skills and giving them strategies that really work. The program can be tailored to your organization's timetable and to your employees' needs.

Over the years we have given Lunch & Learns to countless organizations, including: CIBC; MDX Sciex; Canadian Tire; TD Bank; Catholic Children’s Aid Society; Durham Board of Education; Levi’s; The University Health Network; Mothercraft; Lakeridge Health Corporation; Toronto Islamic Centre; Ontario Children's Aid.

Lunch and Learn Workshops

Workshop #1: What Do I Do When My Child Misbehaves?

At one time or another, every parent has asked the question: "Why are my kids doing this?" Dealing With Misbehaviour is an informative workshop that helps parents answer this question for themselves. Learn how to recognize the Four Goals of Misbehaviour, and acquire effective, positive strategies for dealing with them. Find out how to replace ineffective punishment and rewards with encouragement and logical consequences.

Workshop #2: Building Your Child’s Self Esteem

Encouragement is more than saying: "You're a great kid." Learn how raise a confident, responsible child by establishing a foundation of high self esteem without using rewards. Find out about motivation and how to build on your child’s strengths.

Workshop # 3: Parenting Without Anger

All parents get angry, but if you feel that anger is having a negative impact on your family, this workshop is for you. In it you will learn: How to recognize and cope with anger, triggers, how to change the cycle of anger, and effective ways of avoiding anger situations with your family, including good communications techniques and how to have a regular family meetings.

Workshop # 4: Parenting Your Teen

Meet the challenge of parenting your teen by learning these fundamental skills: Communication (how to talk so your teens will listen to you -- how to listen so your teens will talk to you); The goals of misbehavior (often different from those of younger children); and how to maintain the balance between your teenager’s desire for independence (which is natural and good) and your desire to foster rules and limits.

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