Now you can have a Practical Parenting study group in your community.

One of the best ways to learn parenting skills is for a group of parents to study the principles, philosophy, and skills together. That way, you have the benefit of the experiences and views of other parents, as well as the encouragement and support of people who are going through the same challenges as you. It’s called a study group. A great thing about study groups is that you don’t need a trained educator or parenting expert – something that many small communities would be hard pressed to come across. All you need is someone who cares enough about helping other families to initiate a group. The materials contained in the Practical Parenting Study Guide Kit (our book Practical Parenting, plus the accompanying study guide and e-mail support) provide all of the expert information you need, written in a practical and easy to follow style. You don’t need an expert because the book is the expert. Helping to organize and facilitate a Parent Talk Study Group can be your way to take action in your community through a church group, mother’s group, school, day care center, or just among friends. Our Study Group kit with e-mail backup contains all you need. And the four to six-week program can be held anywhere from a synagogue or daycare center to a library, school or even your own home, keeping the costs down to almost nothing.

The Facilitator

Although Parent Study Groups do not rely on experts, study groups do need a leader to ensure that everyone learns. This is where you, the facilitator comes in. The facilitator has an important, yet simple role. They make sure that the group stays focused and does not become a complaint session or merely a support group. The facilitator ensures that each participant has an equal opportunity to talk, ask questions, and most importantly that the group remains on topic. Remember, the book provides the theory, and answers to questions and the facilitator simply helps the group use the resources at hand and keep the learning on track. We also provide you with a specially written facilitator’s study guide, plus email support if you have any special questions or concerns.

Who Can Be a Facilitator?

In short, anyone with a desire to learn and help other parents can be a facilitator. You do not need any special training or knowledge, you just need to familiarize yourself with the facilitator study guide and you’re off to the races.

Study Group Materials

Each Kit contains one copy of the national best selling book Practical Parenting: A Common Sense Guide to Raising Cooperative, Self-Reliant and Loving Children, and one copy of the accompanying Practical Parenting Study Guide.

1. Practical Parenting Book

Chapters in Practical Parenting include:

• Influences on the personality
• The four goals of uncooperative behavior Encouragement and discouragement
• What’s wrong with punishment and rewards
• Natural and logical consequences Communication techniques
• How to set up and run a family meeting Problem solving and conflict resolution

(Please note that we have copies of Practical Parenting that have been translated into Chinese and Farsi.

2. The Practical Parenting Study Guide

The Practical Parenting Study Guide gives you step-by-step, easy to follow directions that will take you through each of the chapters in Practical Parenting for the four to eight sessions of your study group. Discussion topics, questions, group and home activities are included as well as an evaluation at the end of each session to provide you with constructive feedback.

Chapters in the Study Guide include:

• The democratic family Tips on group dynamics
• The different parenting styles
• Why kids misbehave
• How to be an encouraging parent Conducting a mock family meeting
• Consistency


The cost of each Parent Talk Study Group Kit (which includes one text book, one study guide and free e-mail support) costs $40.00 plus shipping and handling (applicable taxes included) per participant.

If you have any questions, keep in mind that the purchase of a study guide entitles you to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  from our parenting experts.

"Take the plunge. Have an enjoyable night out with other parents while learning how to be the best parent you can be – no matter where you live".

Teacher Workshops are Available.

Please Contact for more information about topics and how to book Karen to speak to your school staff.

Registered Psychotherapist


karen about

Karen Skinulis has worked as a parenting counselor and parenting workshop leader for more than 20 years. She became a registered psychotherapist in 2016. She is a sought-after speaker and the co-author of Parent Talk, Practical Parenting, and Classrooms That Work, all of which are national bestsellers. Karen has been a guest parenting expert for a variety of popular news media -- the Globe and Mail, CBC, Global TV, and City Life magazine.

She has helped thousands develop effective strategies for behavior, based on a respectful, democratic approach to parenting.

Karen began her career as a Montessori teacher and later became the director of the Ontario Parenting Education Centre. She has spoken to thousands of parents over her career, advocating positive parenting approaches on a wide range of topics. Her goal is to help parents set the stage for strong, positive relationships with their child that will foster cooperation and healthy self-esteem. Her new e-book, The Parenting Toolkit: Ten Extraordinary Inventions Guaranteed to Solve Real, Everyday Problems, is available on Kobo.




karen picKaren Skinulis,
Registered Psychotherapist

There is no job as important or challenging as raising a child and that’s why I’ve made parenting the primary focus of my practice. I know how stressful it is to have concerns about your child or teen and how hard it is to find informed help you can trust. I offer an empathetic approach that addresses the core of your parenting concerns, whether it’s a child’s behaviour, anxiety/depression, communication, or self-esteem.

I will help you understand your child’s psychological goals and give you the tools and strategies you need to respond to your child’s behaviour in a positive way. When relationships are strong and you have a clear vision of your parenting goals you will be able to increase cooperation in your family and solve problems effectively.

Is parent counselling right for me?
A paediatrician recently told me that for the first time she is seeing more patients for psychological and emotional problems than physical ones. This suggests that children, teens and families are experiencing more stress than ever before. The following is a guideline to help you decide whether it’s time to take action about a problem:

  • You are often angry and frustrated
  • You yell frequently
  • A behaviour problem is not improving despite your best efforts
  • Your child’s self-esteem is low
  • Family atmosphere is competitive/hostile/disparaging/disrespectful
  • Sibling fighting is ongoing and mean-spirited
  • Daily routines and rules are a struggle
  • You feel overwhelmed, stressed and discouraged as a parent
  • You and your partner often disagree about how to handle parenting
  • Communication is often reduced to threats, bribes and yelling
  • Your family is not able to solve problems effectively together
  • A child/teen’s behaviour is aggressive and hostile
  • Your child/teen is anxious or depressed

karen newbook parentingtoolkit

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