parentingtoolkit book lookinsideYou’ve never read a child-rearing book like The Parenting Toolkit. Each of the ten chapters is built around an imaginary tool that was created to teach you a vitally important parenting skill. These magical tools have been devised to illustrate the principles used to solve common, everyday problems — everything from power struggles and sibling fighting to sleep problems and fussy eating.

Parents often find that parenting books don’t paint a clear enough picture of how to apply strategies. They may think the ideas are interesting but as soon as they try to put them into practice, they quickly become discouraged.

What they really need is a how-to guide that walks them through the ideas step-by-step. How might their child react?  How long will it take before the new approach makes a difference?  What are the pitfalls to watch out for?  And what specifically should be said or not said?  The Parenting Toolkit gives you all this and more, with approaches that are grounded in proven psychological theory – it knows what makes kids tick.

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It’s practical, digestible, true-to-life and best of all, as entertaining as your favorite sit-com. Parenting help has never been this much fun. Here are just some of the tools you’ll find in this book:

  • The Toy Vacuum explains why instilling a respect for order is the key to helping our children learn responsibility and consideration for others.
  • Perfecting Glasses illustrate the life-changing power of encouragement and how it can nurture healthy self-esteem.
  • The Inflatable Room helps us navigate sibling relationships so brothers and sisters can live together in peace and friendship.
  • The Bedroom Door Chime helps us free anxious children from debilitating fear.
  • Invisible Tape helps us refrain from doing more for our children than they need, paving the way to self-direction, independence and an ability to manage their own lives.
  • The Backbone Brace helps us stop walking on eggshells with a determined, strong child. Tantrums and anger should not be a child’s go-to reaction whenever a parent has to say, no.

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