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Now you have a choice of how you get your parenting information. Attend a webinar in the comfort of your own home. Our new online webinars allow you to learn and interact with our parenting experts without the travel. Webinar packages now include one-on-one parent coaching.

 webinar responsiblechildRaising a Responsible Child

Do you have to nag, remind, and threaten just to get your child to take care of their responsibilities? Do you often end up doing their work for them? Whether it’s putting laundry away or completing school assignments, your child must learn how to cope with life’s demands. This workshop/webinar zeros in on the steps you can take to help your kids handle their responsibilities without arguing or pampering.


webinar parentingwithoutanger

Parenting Without Anger

All parents get angry but if you feel that anger is having a negative impact on your family, this workshop/webinar is a must for you. Learn the important skills of positive communication and problem solving to help you maintain a respectful atmosphere in your family. Proven tools such as family meetings, listening techniques, and conflict resolution will be covered.



webinar childnotlistenHelp! My Child Won't Listen

Do you have to ask repeatedly or even raise your voice before your child listens? Do you find yourself thinking, “I can’t let him win – I’m the parent and he’s the child”? Power struggles are one of the most common yet difficult parenting challenges. This workshop/webinar will focus exclusively on the dynamics behind this problem and equip you with proven strategies so you can stop playing the game of “Who’s the boss?” 




webinar selfconfidentRaising a Self-confident, Resilient Child

Do you feel your child lacks self-confidence? Does this problem impact school or friendships? Research has shown that children with high self-esteem have an advantage in dealing with life’s challenges. This workshop/webinar gives you strategies to help your child develop resilience and healthy self-esteem. Encouragement, perfectionism, praise, and handling mistakes without discouragement are all examined in this enlightening workshop.  




webinar homeworkhasslesSay Good-bye to Homework Hassles

Is the nightly hour of homework a negative experience for both you and your child? Not all homework problems are the same and each requires a tailored solution. Learn how to help your child handle this important responsibility and establish good study habits – vital tools for their future academic success.    





“As a parent of two, I can’t say enough about Karen and how much her workshops have helped us! Karen is extremely knowledgeable, encouraging and a true parenting expert. She provided us with practical tools and strategies to help us become better and more confident parents. I highly recommend Karen’s workshops.”
– Shaila Karim, Education Program Specialist 


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