karen picParenting is the most important job you will ever have.

It’s the most rewarding, the most complex and sometimes the most challenging as well. Parent Talk was created to provide parents with the skills and tools they need to do the best they can at this most important responsibility – to raise loving, responsible, cooperative kids in an encouraging and positive family atmosphere.

Whether you are struggling with a homework battle, living with a teenager on a quest for independence, or raising a toddler who won’t go to sleep, you are not alone. We can help you understand your child’s behaviour and how you can positively redirect these common child-rearing challenges.

Our approach fits with the times. We know that we can no longer demand obedience from our kids and teenagers but must find a way to win their cooperation. That is why we want to help you give your kids a strong sense of positive self worth and compassion for others, as well as helping you use agreed upon routines and rules in your family to set the boundaries that kids need. These are the values and goals we know are important to parents today and we also know how difficult it can be to realize them in our fast-paced, constantly changing world. Through workshops, online webinars, books and newsletters, we address everything from handling misbehaviour to improving communication skills. We stress the importance of working together with our children to find solutions that the whole family can agree on. If you are interested in learning about these important parenting skills, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Check out Karen’s interview with Global TV’s Minna Rhee and find out one simple thing you can do if your child ever starts screaming while you're in a restaurant.





Have faith that your kids can behave without dangling a carrot.
by Karen Skinulis

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We all want to be good parents, but did you know that it's impossible to be too good?

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citylife aprilmay2014 SLEEPING WITH KIDS

How will co-sleeping impact me, my partner, and my child?

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